Company Services

Shanghai Qingyun's customs 這快agency team provides fast cargo re海校lease services worldwide. We combine o些紅ur rich customs experience with 用不the latest information technology t拿木o reduce delays and provide prof醫的essional compliance management services議她 to global customers.

  • Shipping service

    Our professional team provides customer票東s and overseas agents with the best qu銀唱ality service and preferential p答近rices, including FCL. LCL, air f身笑reight, disassembly and warehousing, tr那木ansportation, insurance, customs clear店報ance services.

  • Air freight service

    Our professional team provides cust城秒omers and overseas agents with the bes光件t quality service and preferential pr林放ices, including FCL. LCL, air freight, 煙不disassembly and warehousing, tran科資sportation, insurance, customs clearan山花ce services.

  • Warehousing Services

    Our professional team provides cus見學tomers and overseas agents with t離和he best quality service and preferen鐘又tial prices, including FCL. LCL裡腦, air freight, disassembly and wareho頻明using, transportation, insurance,但事 customs clearance services.

  • LCL route

    Our professional team provides custome上習rs and overseas agents with the 冷低best quality service and preferent場你ial prices, including FCL. LCL, 男西air freight, disassembly and warehou月玩sing, transportation, insurance, 老些customs clearance services.

  • FCL route

    Our professional team provides custom還冷ers and overseas agents with the b裡新est quality service and preferentia路男l prices, including FCL. LCL, air草兵 freight, disassembly and warehousing, 靜聽transportation, insurance, customs clea在愛rance services.


Shanghai Qingyun's customs agency畫吃 team provides fast cargo release se拿答rvices worldwide. We combine our 又些rich customs experience with th得國e latest information technology to re錢地duce delays and provide professional co舞的mpliance management services to global 鐘草customers.

About us

Our well-trained professional staff 腦錢take pride in providing customers with 讀醫unparalleled personalized servic數報e in the industry. Each of our 放是management team has more than 1冷數5 years of experience. We are expert村綠s in all aspects of international 紙這freight and will work with you to到河 provide the most cost-effecti些風ve transportation method.